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Connections: Proper Use of Design Examples

Presented by Larry Muir---Come hear about the use and misuse of connection design examples, how to determine suitability, and how to avoid potential pitfalls! This two-part webinar series will focus on the use of design examples and the need to properly match the design assumptions to the physical conditions being designed. Mr. Muir is back to present two sessions that were originally included in Night School 26, Developing an Eye for Connection Design---Part 1 will review design example myths and examine the suitability and applicability of specification provisions. Understanding design assumptions, when they are appropriate, and when they are a problem will lead to a better understanding of design examples and prevent their misuse. This session will also answer connection questions that Mr. Muir has received as a contributor to the Steel Solutions Center and a previous AISC presenter---Part 2 of the course is a continuation of the ideas presented in Part 1 with a deep dive into extended shear tabs and will draw heavily from a design example. Key design considerations will be reviewed including strength of a bolted connection, block shear patterns, shear lag models, rotational ductility of plate, yield line analysis and shear rupture strength of column web at connection, plate stability check, and more.


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1. Individual Registration $95 Member
$150 Non-member
$55 Student/Educator member 
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2a. Group Registration $325 Member
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  • After the webinar, report attendance for coworkers watching together with you from one location (e.g. conference room). People watching together do not need to be registered prior to the webinar.
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12/15/2022 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
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